Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Cards - Free Printable Treats!

For Valentine's Day this year, our girls asked me if I would draw up some little cards for them to give their friends.

I did this project with them last year, and it was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We didn't have access to a scanner last year, so we were only able to take a snapshot of the finished V-Day cards. It's a shame, because the cards were a huge hit with the girls' friends.

Valentine Cards for Lakin's class Valentine cards for Addah's class

This year, I knew I wouldn't have the kind of time to devote to the project, so I suggested drawing just a few Valentine's cards and scanning/printing the rest. Kind of their own personal "Valentine's Card Kit", courtesy of me. I drew the artwork, with much creative input from the tweens, and Heather did the graphic design work to make them into printables, which we are now going to share with the Internet.

We've got three designs for you today, hosted over on my wife's blog, The Destiny Manifest. There will be a few more design going up tomorrow (and possibly the next day, just depends on where my inspiration takes me with this project).

Please feel free to download any or all of the Valentine's cards for your personal (non-commercial) use. I would suggest that you cut them out on cardstock paper, which you can then cut apart for gifting to family, friends, and classmates. The cardstock paper will ensure that they are durable enough for handling by the many kids who will undoubtedly want to look at your kid's super cool Valentine's cards!

Just a taste! Head on over to The Destiny Manifest to see (and download) all of today's Valentine's Day Treats!

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