Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fundraiser for Molly Bears!

Our family is the lucky and grateful recipient of a custom weighted Molly Bear, in memory of our beloved stillborn daughter, Clara Edith. This gift was made possible by the Molly Bears team of volunteers and generous donations from the June Bugs due date group that my wife joined during her pregnancy.
To “pay it forward”. my wife and I will be donating 60% of all artwork sales between now and July 1, 2013, to Molly Bears. Please shop, share, and spread the love far and wide!
Read more about this fundraiser on my wife’s blog, The Destiny Manifest!
Fundraiser for Molly Bears!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Cards - Free Printable Treats!

For Valentine's Day this year, our girls asked me if I would draw up some little cards for them to give their friends.

I did this project with them last year, and it was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We didn't have access to a scanner last year, so we were only able to take a snapshot of the finished V-Day cards. It's a shame, because the cards were a huge hit with the girls' friends.

Valentine Cards for Lakin's class Valentine cards for Addah's class

This year, I knew I wouldn't have the kind of time to devote to the project, so I suggested drawing just a few Valentine's cards and scanning/printing the rest. Kind of their own personal "Valentine's Card Kit", courtesy of me. I drew the artwork, with much creative input from the tweens, and Heather did the graphic design work to make them into printables, which we are now going to share with the Internet.

We've got three designs for you today, hosted over on my wife's blog, The Destiny Manifest. There will be a few more design going up tomorrow (and possibly the next day, just depends on where my inspiration takes me with this project).

Please feel free to download any or all of the Valentine's cards for your personal (non-commercial) use. I would suggest that you cut them out on cardstock paper, which you can then cut apart for gifting to family, friends, and classmates. The cardstock paper will ensure that they are durable enough for handling by the many kids who will undoubtedly want to look at your kid's super cool Valentine's cards!

Just a taste! Head on over to The Destiny Manifest to see (and download) all of today's Valentine's Day Treats!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Zombies Are Slow... But Still Deadly

I finally finished the Zombie Horde that I had promised. I regret that the schedule in October didn't allow for enough working time, but family and work have to come before my hobby, no matter how much I love it.

Zombies Attack Artwork

In other news, I have found the simple act of drawing birds, and cutting them out to post about the house, seems to add a certain natural whimsy to the home. I would say I am looking forward to the next "papercutting" project.
Cardinal Bird Paper Cutting Art Sketch
Heather wrote about my little cardinal on her blog too.
This past Thanksgiving, I was fortunate to be offered a new project with a wonderful purpose. I was given the honor of designing a patch for the Boy Scouts. Lets hope I can find some great word of mouth from this, as well! Oh how I dream of the day when I can draw rather than push a broom at work every day!

Boy Scout Patch Artwork


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Giveaway - From Our Family to Yours!

My wife Heather and I are hosting a giveaway for Christmas, to thank everyone who has shown us support throughout the last five months since our baby girl Clara died.

We are hosting this giveaway from midnight on Monday, December 10 through midnight on Tuesday, December 18. We will be selecting two winners at random -- one winner will receive a custom handmade pair of children's leather shoes (made by Heather) and the second winner will receive a high quality print of my original "Making a Friend" artwork.

The first winner in this giveaway will receive a custom pair of Heather's handmade Bunny Shoes for babies and children. Bunny Shoes (formerly known as the uber-popular Moss Feet Shoes) are hand-sewn from buttery soft suede leather lined with soft fleece. The elastic in the ankles is perfectly sized to keep the shoes on little feet without leaving red marks. Sizes are available from preemie (3.75" length) through 2-3 years (6.25" length). Many colors available in both suede leather and fleece! Bunny Shoes are machine washable and super comfortable!

Bunny Shoes by Heather O'Brien

The second giveaway winner will receive a high quality 8x10" print of one of my favorite illustrations, "Making a Friend". The original winter art drawing was inspired by a snowfall in our neighborhood. "Making A Friend" features a young child building a snowman in the yard. Bundled up in warm winter clothes, the child is hard at work building a friendly snowman, complete with charcoal buttons, a carrot nose and a black top hat with ribbon and holly leaves. This print is perfect for framing and will make a beautiful addition to your holiday decorations (or an awesome Christmas present for someone you love)!

Making a Friend artwork by David Webb - Graphite Web

  • There are mandatory entries, after which there are many additional entries available.
  • This giveaway is open to US residents only.
  • The winning entry will be verified and the winner disqualified if the action is not found or if the mandatory items are not fulfilled.
  • If you’re not sure how to use the rafflecopter widget to enter, feel free to email my wife at eatherhaelo [at] gmail [.com].
  • We will contact the winners within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway.
  • Make sure to read everything carefully!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 5, 2012

Artwork, Reanimated

October is the month of spooks and specters, ghouls and goblins, as well as candy and costumes. I always enjoy throwing some lines onto paper for that most chilling of holidays - Halloween!

There is currently a zombie hoard crawling over the tips of my oil pastels, and you can expect even more thrilling art in the coming weeks!

Also, I'm proud to announce that my wife is restarting her once-famed baby shoes business. Don't miss visiting her blog to see what new creations she's coming up with, if you can spare the time in between trick or treating and setting up the jack o'lantern!

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