Friday, January 14, 2011

J. Scott Campbell - Comic Book Artist

Sexy Jessica Rabbit Art - J. Scott Campbell
While clicking around on Deviant Art the other evening, I happened across a comic artist by the name of J. Scott Campbell. His work is just astounding, his women sexy without being trashy... just the way I strive to draw my fairies, mermaids and other ladies.

J. Scott is a comic book artist and creator who has worked in the field of comics for over a decade. He has both created and co-created such books as the long-time fan favorite 'GEN 13', the mega hit 'Danger Girl' and the highly innovative 'Wildsiderz'.

Campbell has created a line of fantasy fairytale pin-up girls... beautiful sexy ladies in classic story book settings. He has everything from Sleeping Beauty to Snow White, the Princess & the Pea and Little Miss Muffet... and the villains too: the Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent and the Evil Queen. You can see these lovely ladies in the 2011 "Fairytale Fantasies" calendar.

Sexy Princess Leia Slave Art - J. Scott Campbell
Campbell's Deviant Art page showcases a large amount of his Marvel & DC comics artwork, of which I am a huge fan. I'm loving Mary Jane, Witchblade, Poison Ivy, Black Widow and the Baroness! Every comic geek's fantasy come true... there is even Slave Leia from Star Wars! :)

One day I hope to own the awesome sketchbooks available in Campbell's online store, namely "Blue Beauties", "Code Orange" and "Monster Green". If those weren't enough, there is also a "Faces" sketchbook, a "Shades of Gray" (and "More Gray Area") sketchbook and a "Tall" sketchbook. My library would be much more complete, that's for certain! :)

You can find J. Scott Campbell and his fantastic artwork at his website, on Deviant Art, on Twitter and on Facebook. According to his website, he is working on an "upcoming, large scale, highly anticipated, SPIDER-MAN project for MARVEL comics". I know I'll be watching and waiting!

Goldilocks and Three Bears by J. Scott Campbell Art

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