Monday, September 6, 2010

How Engaging!

A year ago today I asked a beautiful woman to marry me, and amazingly enough, she said yes. Heather and I had been dating this time for only about a month, but after all we'd been through over the years, I wasn't about to let her slip away again.

We took the girls to a street fair in Simpsonville, SC with Heather's friend Elizabeth and her daughter. There was a petting zoo and craft vendors, one of whom was selling vintage rings. Heather and I looked them over and she pointed out a few that she especially liked. I waited until she wandered off with her friend, and then doubled back to buy the one she liked the most. I couldn't wait, so I got down on one knee in the middle of the street and asked her to be my wife. She kissed me and said yes.

We never intended it to be a long engagement. In fact, we'd planned to marry this past April 1st... April Fool's Day would be perfect for fools such as us. Alas, the finances were not there at that time. We're tentatively planning for this October... right around Halloween, which is our favorite holiday. It will be a small affair... just Heather, the girls and myself. We already feel like we're married -- in my heart she is already my wife and I am her husband -- it's just a matter of making the thing legal at this point.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sweet post. You two are adorable. Gorgeous ring, too. I got engaged last December, and still share my proposal blog entry whenever possible. ;D

  2. Thank you! I read your proposal blog entry and it is just as sweet. We're each very lucky to have found great love. :)

  3. Yay! That's a great story!
    I hope everything works out for your wedding in October!

  4. Guilty! I've always been a pretty romantic guy... I think it shows in my artwork a little. We're both corny too, not afraid to say mushy gushy things to each other, no matter who is in earshot. We've noticed we're one of those couples that people roll their eyes at when we're out in public. :P


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