Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holding Pattern

Still no word on my medical situation... I have an appointment to find out the news from last week's procedures on Thursday. I feel a lot better though, so the antibiotics seem to have worked. I'm hopeful that the doctor will give me the all clear and I can move on to bigger and better things to worry about.

Speaking of which... Heather and I are kicking around the idea of my joining the military. I come from a long legacy of military men. My grandfather Richard served as a Military Policeman in the Army before my mother was born. My Great Uncle Grady served in World War II and my father Troy served in the Air Force.

If I do this, I'm doing it for me and for my family. I have an awfully powerful need not to be a starving artist... just plain artist is fine by me. Too bad the military doesn't employ cartoonists or fantasy artists. I think I'd be the perfect recruit. "Private Webb, I want a dozen sexy fairies in various settings by the end of the day! We need to boost these mens' morale!" Now wouldn't that be nice?

It's still just a conversation at this point. There's a lot to consider. The girls' dad lives in Greenville and I have no idea of knowing where I would be stationed. I don't want to live apart from my wife and stepkids. It took me so long to find them, I don't want to lose them now. So there's the planning and discussion over whether moving is an option and how visitation with their dad would work if we do.

There's also the issue of my age. I was in Naval Junior ROTC for 4 years in high school and my preference for the military is the Navy. The cut-off age for joining Active Duty is 34. I'm... 34. The waiting list for most jobs (as I understand it) is a year long at this point... so to leave by December, I'd probably have to take a less than savory position. It's just going to depend on what that position is. I can still join the Army until I'm 42... but deployment to the Middle East, frankly, scares the pee out of me.

So... we'll see.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! And wow, joining the military is a big, scary decision, so keep us fae folk posted. Cute photo, btw. :D

  2. Thanks Kristin! I got great news from the dr today, which was such a relief. I'll put together a blog post about it this weekend with more info... but I'm going to be just fine, medically. :)


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