Thursday, August 26, 2010

By the lake...

I took a break from the business of drawing pretty pictures yesterday to go with Heather's family to Lake Jocassee. This is the same lake that inspired "The One That Got Away" mermaid drawing... so we kept our eyes peeled for mermaids, but they are very good at staying hidden.

We went with Heather's brothers, Colin & Zeb, Colin's wife Stephanie, their baby Abby, and Heather's father, Tom. The girls had a blast swimming and playing on the sandy beach... and since it was a Wednesday afternoon, we had the whole place to ourselves. Neither Heather or I had been swimming in a long time and we had so much fun, splashing and playing and floating way out into the lake while the uncles watched the girls.

The water was perfect, not too hot or too chilly, and very clear. By the time we left, it was past dinner time, so there was a bit of a rush to get home, eat, help with homework and get the girls to bed on time, but it was well worth it for such a great afternoon.

Heather & I at Lake Jocassee

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